Loose, bright, and funky, Aaron David Gleason’s new song “You Belong in the Movies” is a fun, spirited burst of feelgood cheer guaranteed to move your feet.
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Premiere: Aaron David Gleason thrashes in glitter on new album, ‘Gilly Leads’...
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Keeping up with the great premieres, today we have a fun driven and overly catchy new single, “The Last To Die In Battle”, by the always humorous and talented artist Aaron David Gleason...
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Brimming with technicolor funk, Aaron David Gleason’s ode to the city of dreams is an incendiary slice of electro pop that channels the early work of Lenny Kravitz. 

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We’ve all seen movies. If you’ve got talent, all you need is one big break to snag a record deal, and then you have a choice to make: stay true to your art and languish in obscurity, or sell out for guaranteed stardom...

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Between his last full player, 2005’s In Flagrante Delicto, with the band All Hours, and his freshly-pressed new record, a jarringly-varied and ambitious musical genesis, dubbed Wry Observer...
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